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Treat a $10 Client Like a $10,000 Client

When someone is purchasing from you, regardless of how much the order is for, you need to treat them just like a $10,000 client.

People want to be treated like kings and queens when they make a purchase online, which isn’t always a bad thing, because they are willingly giving you money for a product or service you’re offering.

Over the course of my career, I’ve sold products and services ranging from $5 and all the way up and treated every order like its the absolute best client I’ve ever had.

If you can treat everyone like a king or queen, regardless of how much they’re spending on your website, you will begin to notice positive reviews popping up online from people loving all that you’ve done for them. They will see their $10 purchase as less significant because it’s only a few dollars compared to the vast majority of things selling online.

If you are always talking to them and answering everything they ask, they will see your website and customer service as some of the best online, and they will tell everyone about your website and how awesome you really are (hopefully).

Below are a few reasons why you should treat everyone like they’re spending thousands for each purchase on your website.

Your client will see you as dedicated

Clients spending a few dollars know they aren’t breaking the bank, or making you rich, so they don’t always expect you to be extremely responsive when they ask a bunch of questions. If you respond as soon as you can and add in tons of quality content as a response, they will be shocked in a good way and likely come back for more orders when they’re in need of your products or services.

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Some clients will test before they invest

When I was selling leads (products or services I didn’t profit on but sold anyway to get people to purchase from me) I would have a $7 backlink service that only placed a few hundred profile links and didn’t really do much for a website’s rankings. The product description actually said this and also mentioned the package worked best for tier 2 and tier 3 links, but people still purchased and aimed the links at their homepages.

After I sent the reports, I quickly realized the client was only ordering the loss leader $7 package because they were testing out my services. I also noticed that most of the time the websites they submitted for the cheap package wasn’t the one that was submitted when they ordered a much larger package over $80. This means they were just testing the service on a random website, which they didn’t own, and wanted to see if we would actually do the work and send out a report.

Have a small package or product someone can purchase from you in order to test out your company and it will usually turn into a much larger order down the road.

Happy clients leave more reviews

If you’re treating everyone the same, like they’re rock stars, they will be more than likely to leave a positive review about your website and business whenever someone asks for a recommendation. I get recommendation traffic pretty often, and it’s because I treat everyone like they’re a $10,000 client and not someone who is just giving me money for a product or service.

Every client or customer I have is treated like a rockstar, and this means they tend to love what I give them, and the reviews and recommendations start to flow and Over time, you’ll get plenty of these reviews going live on websites and platforms you could only wish to get links from in the beginning of your career, which will boost you even more

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In conclusion

Treating all of your customers like they’re kings and queens isn’t something that you should practice, it’s something that you should already be doing because favoritism is a crummy thing to show when it comes to online sales and running a business. Everyone is created equal, so treat them like that, then you’ll notice the positivity coming back at you tenfold Treat a $10 client like they.

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