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Udemy Affiliate Program Review; Is It Worth Joining

Do you know that you can make extra cash from Udemy and not just buying online courses? Well this post is just for you. Watch out as we talk about Udemy Affiliate Program Review and how to make money from them.

Normally we all know that we can make money from Udemy by creating and selling courses there, but if you wish to make extra money from Udemy, you have to look for other alternative like joining its affiliate program.

Willing to know more? Then keep reading as I tell you everything you need to know…..

About Udemy Affiliate Program

Yeah many of us who stay online on a daily basis often get courses from Udemy to widen our knowledge. Personally I learnt marketing and Programming using some udemy courses I purchased. Buying courses on udemy is worth it, give it a try.

Let me not move far away from what we have for today, so here is the main topic we were talking about…..

Udemy established its affiliate program for people who wish to make money online by referring others to get any course with their affiliate link. We all know how affiliate network works but here is just a brief explanation of how affiliate network operates:

Register >>> Get Affiliate Link/Banner >>> Refer >>> Purchase Successful >>> Earn commission
That is exactly how affiliate network works. Some affiliate networks also are built in such a way you can earn per impression too, not only when purchases are made through you.

This is just how Udemy Affiliate Program works, you join the program to advertise Udemy website and its courses. Udemy pays you for any person that purchase a course through your affiliate link or banner. So simple just like all other affiliate program out there.

How to Promote Udemy Products As An Affiliate

As a blogger or webmaster, you can join directly through their website. It is also quite important to note than Udemy Affiliate Program is in partnership with Awin Network. But that doesn’t limit what you do on your udemy affiliate dashboard.

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Udemy will provide you with all tools needed, including your unique affiliate link you can share on social media, embed on websites/blogs or email to generate more revenue.

Also Udemy will give you coupon codes and discounts which serves as a click bait to people out there. So you have more opportunities to increase or earn more from Udemy Affiliate Program.

Why I really love this udemy is when you sell your course, you earn cash and also when you invite people to buy through your link, you earn another. Earning on Udemy is non stop unless you wish to put a stop to it.

Note that you mustn’t have a website before you can decide to join udemy affiliate program. If you engage on e-mail marketing, or you are a great social influencer or even make use of any huge social platform like twitter and Facebook, you can make a small note concerning what you really want to advertise and then grab your affiliate link in your udemy account and embed them on the post before sharing to people. Any purchases made, you are sure of earning.

For those using websites and blogs, Udemy’s affiliate program, like the most respected ones, also offers you banners, which you can use within your website.

Who Can Join Udemy Affiliate Program

Yes, I said everyone can join udemy program and not only website owners. All you need is a willingness to promote Udemy’s website.

No experience nor much skill required.

Udemy Commissions Breakdown

Udemy uses LinkShare affiliate network; Awin to run its program.
The affiliate program is owned by Udemy take note but Awin is just like a partner.

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This is how Udemy pays:

• Pay Per Click – Where Udemy pays the affiliate £0.87p per click, on all clicks received by the affiliate’s unique link; this doesn’t necessary mean you’ll have to make sales. Just unique clicks are enough to fetch you some money

• Pay Per Sale – Udemy has a baseline commission rate of 15% on all courses sold after the person that made the purchase, landed on Udemy website through your unique link. This rate can increase to 20-30% based on performance, where the lifespan of cookies generated as a result of anyone using your link is 7 days.


The opportunities with Udemy are very well placed, especially when they launch promotional periods, making available to their affiliates discount coupons, which affiliates can cascade to their viewers.

You can make a lot of money online from your home. I promise you that making money online is better than getting a white collar Job where you cab be sacked at anytime. Run your online program smartly, just affiliate programs like udemy and make money on a daily basis….

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