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What Are Facebook Bots & How To Create A Facebook Bot

By now most companies, bloggers and digital marketers have recognized the value of engaging with their clients through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but many business owners fail to take full advantage of this emerging technology.

Even if you are not familiar with bots and how they do work, but at some chances you must have interacted with a bot at some point online. But if you really want to taste and see how chatbots act, click on the messenger button right in-front of your screen and chat with it.

So in the simplest terms, a bot is a small application that works inside popular messaging program, in this case Facebook Messenger. Once it is built and connected to the required page, the Facebook bot can automatically interact with users, allowing website visitors to access a wide range of services.

What Are Bots Used For?

• Providing information on demand
• Delivering valuable content
• Placing and editing orders
• Personalizing user experiences and only displaying relevant content
• Referring them to the right department within a company

Importance of Having a Facebook ChatBot

• Handling Customers online whether you are there or not (Available 24/7)

• Source of great traffic because chatbots delivers updates on your sites straight to the inbox of subscribers

• Means of reaching thousands of people you know and you don’t know.

• Extra Income:
I actually need to talk much about this, facebook bots increases your income in two ways which are:
Advertisement & Adsense.
Advertisement: People having chatbot promotes offers given to them through broadcasts sent to their subscribers. Remember, this broadcast comes straight to their inbox. Its left for the Chatbot owner to decide on the amount to be charged for sending the broadcast to thousands of people.

Adsense: Now imagine if you are a blogger, having a chatbot with 30,000 subscribers and also having an adsense on your site. Then you updated a post on your site and your chatbot sends this new update through broadcast straight to the inbox of the 30,000 subscribers. What do you expect to happen to your adsense? Lets just say that 1000 views gives you $1 then 30,000 × $1 = $30,000. Cool isn’t it? Now imagine if most subscribers are from tier 1 countries and the views comes with ads click, additional cash not so ? I must say this little maths has explained everything for you.

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• Automates your services and many more

Getting Started In Creating Your ChatBot

There are so many platform for creating facebook chatbot, but I use Chatfuel. So you can visit ChatFuel, sign up with your Facebook details and create your chatbot.

Actually we can’t start listing the steps and everything you’ll do on your Chatfuel dashboard because it is so prodigious.

But the Goodnews is you can;

Hire me to get a Chatbot Done for you, Buy my chatbot Template [Edit to your Taste] Or Buy my Chatbot Course [That will Guide You In creating One].

Just use the comment section to alert me or you can simply Contact Me

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