What You Should Know About Namecheap Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

This month of November is going to be a Good and Special one for each and everyone of us who needs to launch our online presence and also needs an upgrade of our site. Well namecheap will make that to be so possible for us.


Namecheap black Friday and cyber Monday deals is here to stay and will make that possible for you. But before we jump into when this deal will start and how you are going to benefit from this deal, there are few things you need to take note about Namecheap black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Let’s Ride…

Those who engage themselves in this namecheap black Friday specials and cyber Monday specials would be given a discount ranging from 98% slash on any purchases on Namecheap.

Below includes what Namecheap has for you in this black Friday and cyber Monday specials:

98% off Domains

97% off Hosting Packages

95% off Private Email

90% off SSL Certificates

82% off PremiumDNS

So when will these Specials begin?

Well according to what we spied out from Namecheap official site, it is possible that these specials will take place this way; The Black Friday Game of Deals commences at 12 AM EST on November 23 and will run for 24 hours. The Cyber Monday Game of Deals will begin at 12 AM EST on November 26.

Rules Involved In Namecheap Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals

Well according to Namecheap, it was said that they’ll maintain the same rule which they’ve been using for a long time in running this type of special deals for all. But for those who has never participated in this type of deals, below us what the rules look like:

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• There are a limited number of deals available

• Two new deals launch every hour within a 24-hour time period

• Total of 96 Deals would be available.

How to Get Started

Well you need to fasten your seat belt if you are among those waiting for this special day of activity. This is how to get yourself ready:

• Login or Create an account on Namecheap Official Site.
If you wish to see list of available deals and special offers from the starting day of this deals and discounts, click here: Namecheap Deals And Available Packages.

• Before the promo begins, click on the “Log in and get ready”button, which takes you to our Live Coupon page. Best be at namecheap site, One to two hours before the deal starts.

• Now on the live coupon page, you can claim as much coupon as you want but it all depends on how fast and how strong your data connection is.

• Now use your claimed coupons to make purchases.

For those who are of less capital and needs an online portfolio, this is an opportunity for you to get your hosting packages and domain at a more reduced price.

Just get ready for Namecheap Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

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